It is often discussed what is crucial to a company’s success. Leaders and leading experts increasingly declare that the key role a company’s success lies with the employees.

Do you and your employees make optimal use of your cognitive capital?


The cognitive capital can be defined by two types of intelligence: fluid and crystallized intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is our ability to execute the crystallized intelligence. This means, how constructive you can use your professional knowledge and experience. Together, the two intelligences give rise to the cognitive capital.  

Acquired knowledge + Ability to execute knowledge = Cognitive Capital


Our fluid intelligence develops at an early age and decreases faster than the crystallized intelligence. Contrary to the fluid intelligence, the crystallized intelligence is not developed as quickly, but on the other hand, it is slowly decreasing with aging. In practice, it means that an employee with a high educational level and seniority can train and optimize their cognitive function, thereby reducing the span between experience and knowledge, and the ability to execute it.


Exercising your cognitive capital can contribute positively to your business’ performance. With SYP, you get the tool to optimize your use of knowledge and experience so that you can effectively make use of your valuable cognitive capital. Employees who train their cognitive capital are more effective in their problem solving and can contribute to staying longer and proactive in the labour market.


With Smart Your Performance (SYP) in your company, with the help of brain exercising, you can train your fluid intelligence and, as an organization, be able to enhance your competencies and overall performance level. The advantage of having SYP in your company is a unique insight and a tool to train yourself to becoming the best version of yourself!