Multitasking is used every day in companies. The ability to multitask is a sought competence by managers and employees, but what is the effect when multiple tasks are solved at the same time? Research shows that we make up to 50% more mistakes when we multitask and that we become less efficient in distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information.

What would it mean to you if you were better at focusing and efficiently processing information?


Many people act as time optimists and think they can achieve all their tasks. This is often due to a misjudgment of the time you have available. It may be hard to see other ways when the work assignments pile up and the to-do list becomes long. Instead, we must prioritize our work tasks and give our brain the best working conditions so that we can solve them at a satisfactory level.


Imagine that you efficiently could process the various inputs in the form of knowledge needed to solve a given task that you can work focused on without interrupting yourself during task solution. It gives you a unique insight into the task that you would not have had if you did not work while being focused. If working while focused, the task will be solved better with surplus for innovation and creativity, because you have the ability to immerse yourself in it. 


With Smart Your Performance (SYP), a performance tool, you train your cognitive capacity, which enables you and your employees to have a better focus when processing information and thereby continuously performing your best. Together, you can define actions points on a team and individual level, which make employees aware of their focus so that they can work targeted and focused towards it. SYP is an effective tool for executing your strategy while focusing on achieving the best results in the most appropriate way for both the company and its employees.