A study from the National Research and Analysis Centre for Welfare shows that approx. 50% of Danish families have at least one of the adults working at bad times, and that many people find it hard to draw the boundary between work-life and private life. 

What would it mean to you if you had a positive balance between your work and private life while experiencing an improvement in your personal well-being? 


Often there are periods of time when the job assignments become too large or too many, and therefore there is no time to solve them at a satisfactory level. We are increasingly experiencing a conflict between work and privacy, and often we stand with the feeling of wanting to be “both places at once”.


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If you invest 5 minutes every day in training your cognitive capacity, you’ll get something in return! With SYP in your organisation, you can already see results after 4-8 weeks. You get a unique insight into the organisation’s life with the ability to track the development of employee’s workload and work-life balance. SYP gives you and your employees greater energy to create a positive work-life balance.

Take the first step and train yourselves to a positive work-life balance in your company, in the fight of becoming the best version of yourself!