The longer you have been in the labor market, the more experience you have, but naturally with age we have experience a decrease in our ability to exert the knowledge and experiences that we have. Therefore, it is important for you and your company that you and your employees train your cognitive capital because it is important for the quality of the solutions that you and your employees reach together.


Training of the brain contributes to a strong cognitive capital. It does not mean that you need to join the gym, but just like we can train our body we can train our brain. Brain training helps strengthen the communication between the neurons in the brain. For you and your employees, it means that you can train the gap that arises between the knowledge/experience you have and your ability to execute it with age.


Would you like to create job satisfaction along you and your employees? We become happy when we can contribute with the knowledge and experience that we have. The good feeling of doing a good job. You can achieve a higher level of job satisfaction when going to work by getting better at using your knowledge. It also means that training your employees and their ability to use their knowledge effectively contributes to using all your knowledge and experience that you hold in your company.


The idea of maintaining an effective ability to execute knowledge and experience can be realized with SYP! Integrated in your company, it will give you and your employees the opportunity to maintain and build a strong cognitive capital. 5 minutes of daily brain training is a valuable investment in your business as it can contribute positively to your company’s performance. With SYP you can see measurable results already after 4-8 weeks.