A company’s productivity depends on the extent to which employees feel motivated. Motivated employees are up to four times more productive as employees who are feeling motivated. 

The Center for Working Environments identify six key concepts for motivation at the workplace: satisfaction, rewards, involvement, meaning, influenced and development. Integrating SYP into your daily life makes the work with motivation in practice easy and tangible. The tool ensures continuously high motivational levels and the effect can be traced in the results.


It is individually determined what drives us as individuals. In collaboration with your manager you can define action points that give you an understanding of what drives you. In that way, you can become the best version of yourself! Action points create growth for personal development and high motivation, where involvement, influence and development are important factors for this.


Imagine standing in a meeting where you have a lot of knowledge you would like to contribute with, but you did not succeed in getting it out. Research about cognitive capital explain why it can be challenging to execute and bring your knowledge and experience into play in particular situations. When we succeed in transforming our knowledge into the present moment and being able to participate in professional setting where we feel that our inputs make a difference, our motivation will increase.


SYP provides you with a strategic tool that, with its various features, makes it possible to increase motivation through action points and brain training. 5 minutes of daily brain exercises enables you to enhance your ability to execute your knowledge and experience in the present moment.

An effective ability to do this, means that you perform better because you can optimally bring your knowledge into play and come up with solutions to complex issues. By the use of surveys integrated into SYP, you can follow the individual employee’s development. This unique insight makes it possible to respond promptly if an employee’s motivational level drops and thereby helps them in the right direction.