What is your passion in your work? You have probably struggled to reach where you are today where you feel that you are doing something valuable and important. But you have probably also tried to sit with a big administrative task or have experienced attending an unconstructive meeting. The list is long and the extra time to care for our passion rarely comes by itself. If you would like to spend more time on something you like doing, you can exercise yourself to more time, spending it on the things you love.


Engaged employees overperform uncommitted employees with 25%. This means that your employees’ wellbeing has an impact on the company’s success. But how can you create an increase in job satisfaction in your company and give your employees and yourself more energy to do what you love?


Many people are time optimists and think they can achieve everything in a matter of time. This is often due to a misjudgment of the time available and often leads to a low priority of the time we would use on growing our passion. With brain training, you strengthen your cognitive capacity, which means that you are continuously able to do your best and being energetic while doing your daily tasks. SYP trains you to a higher energy level, which you and your employees can spend on what gives you even more energy.


If you as a manager do not have the right focus on your employees as individuals, it may affect the bottom line in the long run. With Smart Your Performance in your company, you create a positive foundation for motivating your employees and creating the energy needed to engage in your passion! With SYP, we take the step together and create the time for successes at work and the daily joys of everyday life.