In the three following cases, Smart Your Performance has contributed to creating positive results for both companies and the individual employees. The tool creates a variety of options, including performance management, motivation, personal development and mental health. The choice is yours! In the following cases you will be presented with their purpose and results.

Case 1

In collaboration with a Danish consultancy, SYP has been an active partner in a long-range process in a large group of companies. The purpose was to strengthen the employees’ personal balance, where SYP was involved as a tool for personal development. The employees took part of surveys, defined action points and performed daily brain exercises.

14% progress in work-life balance
Work-life balance
17% progress in problem solving
  • Good impulse control – fewer interruptions during task solutions
Case 2

In a management group in an international oil company, SYP was used as part of a development process. Before the process started, the management team had to answer questions in the form of a questionnaire in which the team was then again asked the same questions after the process. In addition to this, the employees performed daily brain exercises, where their ability to maintain and focus their attention and impulse control were trained. Exercising these abilities constitute SYP brain training.


  • Improved work-life balance
  • Less labor pressures
  • General progress in cognitive performance
Would recommend SYP in a development process!
Case 3

A Nordic consultancy wanted to improve their employees’ abilities with the various features that SYP offers. The employees answered surveys, defined action points and performed daily brain training. Initially, the company did not have a specific focus, but became aware of the challenges that the employees experienced. By doing this, the company gained a unique insight that they could use strategically to provide their employees with the best working conditions.

30% progress in cognitive performance
Kognitiv performance
22% progress in problem solving
  • Continuously high level of motivation

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