Our statement

Responsibility for each other

We have a shared responsibility in treating each other properly, both as a leader and as an employee. In order for us to be aware of this shared responsibility, we must be aware of ourselves. The modern world we live in today has created a focus on the individual, but we are stronger when we are together about reaching our goals.


“How are you?” is a well-known phrase used in most jobs, and the answers are usually the same, I am good thank you, how about you? And then we assume that everyone is happy, but are they? At SYP we focus on what is going on beneath the surface, who is not happy, and who is perhaps feeling pressured? We have a focus on mental health. It has become a habit to answer that you feel well and therefore it can be difficult to understand other people. Because of this, we need to break habits in order to create an understanding of ourselves and others, and through understanding we attain empathy.


When do you leave work feeling happy? When things succeed. They often do so when we are able to put ourselves, our experiences and others in play. In other words, you need to find your purpose because it makes you happy and helps you achieve greater job satisfaction and energy. When we help you achieve this, we have fulfilled our purpose.