Smart Your Performance

The complexity in our work assignments are increasing and how you handle them in everyday life is crucial to the extent to which you perform and thrive. According to a report from IBM, seven out of ten chief executives consider that complexity has affected their profit. The complexity is the result of the continuous, changeable and unpredictable world in which we live.

Handling complexity 

If you can recognize yourself in one or more of the following questions, SYP is the tool that can bring your organization’s performance to the next level.

  • Do you have trouble distinguishing between private- and work life?
  • Would you like to be better at problem solving?
  • What significance would it have for you if you could stay focused for a long time?

Imagine that you could efficiently process the various inputs in the form of knowledge needed to solve a task while being focused and without interrupting yourself during task solution.


Exercising the brain!

SYP – Smart Your Performance, is an effective tool for training specific brain areas and functions that together increase the individual employee’s job performance and mental health.

Be the best version of yourself

Train you and your employees to be the best version of yourselves. With SYP,  you get an online tool that gives you a unique insight into the organization’s life and creates a good start for personal development. It is a win for the whole organisation and for the individual, both as employees and as a private individual.


Fast and effective results

SYP is easy to integrate into your business and you can see results already after 4-8 weeks. A daily use of SYP gives your employees an improved ability of 20% in solving cognitive tasks, all while feeling less stressed.  

Your advantages 

SYP helps create a positive feedback culture, as the tool requests for dialogue between employee and manager.

With SYP, you can easily identify how each team and member performs. You can create actions points so employees are constantly aware of their focus and that they fell like making a difference.

SYP trains the brain to better translate knowledge in the present e.g. during a meeting, where you and your colleagues from different areas of knowledge must achieve a common understanding of a complex issue.

With SYP, you can detect and reduce individual stress levels and enhance the individual’s work-life balance.

A unique way to work with personal development

SYP is an innovative and unique way that increases your organization’s cognitive performance. Each time an employee has solved their daily exercises, he or she is rewarded with an electronic prize reflecting the individual’s performance and completion of exercises. In that way, the organisation’s teams, regardless of level, can compete fairly against each other – in the fight of becoming the best version of themselves. SYP creates a motivation for personal development and improving performance levels of the employees.


SYP can be implemented in all types of organisations regardless of size and complexity. It only takes 5 minutes a day in the form of brain exercises. The better your performance gets over time, the less effort you need in brain exercises. The tool opens up a variety of options, including performance management, communication, motivation and actions points. It is an investment that enables you to work more focused with your company’s strategy.

Bring your company to the next level

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